It seems like every season I have one or two looks that I can always depend upon and throw on in a hurry -so becoming my “uniform” of that season. I’m naturally a spontaneous, disorganized person so having an outfit to fall back on at all times is completely necessary. This winter I recycled a few black trousers, black tops, black jackets, black shoes, black hats -obviously black was my go-to.

This spring I predict myself heavily relying on rolled up boyfriend jeans and an awesome pump or strappy sandal with tops and jackets to mix & match.

RETAIL & other therapies

RETAIL & other therapies

RETAIL & other therapies

I really like the look of the lighter, distressed denim -One Teaspoon Super Baggies are my current favorite.

& the dream shoe…

RETAIL & other therapies


photos // songofstyle.blogspot.com // harpersbaazar.com // stopitrightnow.blogspot.com // jjjjound.com

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One thought on “SPRING UNIFORM

  1. pretaparis says:

    Still lovin the boyfriend pants!

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